To initiate a withdrawal of funds from your SASSA grant account, follow these steps: To withdraw your funds, a distinct SASSA OTP (One Time Pin) must first be obtained for verification purposes. This one-time use code consists of six digits that will be sent exclusively to the phone number you used when creating your account. Follow these steps to obtain your unique SASSA OTP:

Obtain your SASSA OTP code by sending a WhatsApp message saying “Hi” to 082 046 8553. Utilize the given OTP number to withdraw your grant funds from SASSA. It is important to emphasize that you must ensure that the cell phone number used to receive the OTP is registered and belongs to you. Additionally, when making a withdrawal, remember to bring your ID with you to the payment point.

What is the Estimated Time Frame for Receiving the SASSA OTP Code?

I assume that you have not yet received your OTP code from SASSA. The length of time it takes to receive SASSA OTP code may differ due to various factors but usually ranges from mere seconds up to several hours contingent on the network connectivity.

  • Typically, the SASSA OTP code is dispatched to the phone number provided during the registration of a SASSA account.
  • The OTP is an exclusive computer-generated code assigned to your phone number and has a validity of 15 minutes or less.
  • If the OTP is not received immediately upon request, you may follow the steps indicated in the preceding response to obtain a new one.

How to Reach SASSA Regarding Issues with OTP?

If you are not getting the OTP code on your phone, there is a provision to seek assistance from SASSA’s customer support. You can explore any of these options provided for reaching out to them:

  • To get in touch with the call center, dial this toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11.
  • Send an email to SASSA for assistance.
  • Send a message to 082 046 8553, which is SASSA’s WhatsApp number.

General Information on OTP Codes

The significance of OTPs in securing your SASSA account and facilitating hassle-free fund transfers cannot be undermined. Nonetheless, some users residing within South Africa may occasionally face problems with the delivery of OTPs that could result in aggravation and potential apprehensions regarding their security.

In this article, I will provide practical solutions to common problems encountered when delivering OTPs.

Issues commonly encountered when delivering OTP

Delivery of OTP delayed by 1.1 seconds.


The smooth verification process may be disrupted for SASSA clients due to occasional delays in receiving their OTPs.

What actions to take:

  • Ensure that your mobile phone has a stable network connection and sufficient signal strength by checking and verifying.
  • Verify that the sim card is properly inserted and confirm that the phone is not in “airplane” mode.
  • In case of a persistent delay, get in touch with your mobile service provider to investigate any potential network problems.

The OTP entry is incorrect with a value of 1.2.


Inputting OTPs accurately poses a challenge for users, resulting in failed authentication attempts.

There is no need to rewrite the word “solution” as it already stands by itself as a clear and concise statement.

  • Please ensure the entered OTP is accurate by verifying it again.
  • If the previous OTP has expired, please wait for a new one.
  • As OTPs are exclusive and confidential for every authentication attempt, refrain from sharing them.

If you do not receive the OTP, then…


You are not receiving the OTP code on your registered mobile numbers.

What actions to take:

  • Verify that you are inputting the accurate cell phone number.
  • Verify that your mobile service provider has not blocked short codes.
  • Please ensure that your phone is not in “airplane mode” by checking and confirming.

Section 2: Effective Ways to Solve Problems

“Network and Device Settings: 2.1”

The issue at hand is:

  • OTP delivery may be impeded due to issues with network connection or device settings.

Actions to Take:

  • Make sure that either mobile data or Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • Please verify that SMS services are not limited in the device’s settings.

Account lockout: 2.2

There is an issue:

  • Entering multiple incorrect OTPs may result in a temporary lockout of your account.


  • To unlock the account, you should get in touch with the customer support of your service provider.
  • Regain access by adhering to security protocols.

Technical difficulties experienced were amounting to 2.3 in magnitude.

There is an issue.

  • OTP delivery may be impacted by technical issues on the SASSA side.


  • Keep yourself informed about technical trouble by consulting the SASSA website’s status page for any possible updates.
  • For aid and information, get in touch with SASSA’s customer service support.
  • My usual approach is to wait a few hours and attempt again, in order to determine if the issue has been resolved.

Enhance the reliability and security of the authentication process by exploring suggested solutions and best practices for common OTP delivery issues in SASSA. By adopting a proactive approach towards troubleshooting and educating users, you can minimize any OTP-related issues associated with your SASSA account. This will guarantee an effortless and secure authentication process for everyone involved.