The particulars to get in touch with SASSA George are provided below:

  • Phone number: 044-801-4300
  • Address location: 42 Courtenay St, George, Western Cape province, South Africa.

Map of SASSA in George

The topic is George, Western Cape.

Located in the Western Cape province of South Africa, George is a picturesque town that embodies both its rich historical heritage and modern dynamism.

George town is renowned for its distinct features, including being a favored spot to visit and hosting conferences as the second-largest city in the province. Additionally, serving as an administrative and commercial hub, it holds significant influence as the central seat of the Garden Route District.

Established in 1811, this town boasts the title of being the first British settlement within Cape Colony. Its origins can be traced back to the late 1700s when it served as an outpost for supplying timber to the Dutch East India Company’s Cape Colony.

Obviously, the timber industry would create a tight-knit society of loggers who received backing from individuals in various professions, including blacksmiths, wagon manufacturers and their respective families.

Being situated amidst Cape Town and Port Elizabeth gives Georgetown a strategic advantage. Not only is it an essential historical site, but the climate in this area is also equitable and favorable.

The town’s alluring atmosphere and lively community life still draw in those who seek retirement, earning it a reputation as such.

To support the social welfare needs of South Africans in this town, there is a branch of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The office can be found at Rentzburg Crt on Courtenay St, with its doors open to residents of George who wish to avail themselves of SASSA’s range of essential social security services.

Overall, Georgetown is a thriving community with deep-rooted heritage as the first British settlement in Cape Colony dating back to 1811. Additionally, beyond its historical significance, George has become an attractive destination for both vacations and conferences.

The Garden Route District is renowned as a crucial administrative and commercial hub, with the city serving as its prominent headquarters.